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Florida in Color is about beautiful, wild, tropical southwest Florida.

Southwest Florida on the Gulf of Mexico has an international reputation for its rich and inviting coastal color palette.

From the Caribbean-style landscape and wild, ultra-fine beaches to the aqua waters and the endless blue skies. Stretched out along the shimmering Gulf Coast, Southwest Florida offers the opportunity for a life of relaxed and simple luxury.

This is your invitation to experience Florida in Color, life in color. That is the promise that the less traveled, southwest Florida holds.

I invite you to call or text me at (239) 209-3927 if you want to discover and explore among the remaining real opportunities for gracious, spiritually luxurious, expansive living that exciting Gulf coast southwest Florida offers — let me show you all that is Florida in Color.


I was born in Guyana, South America. When I was a teen my family chose to move to the U.S. I lived in Brooklyn, New York City. I majored in Marketing Management receiving my B.A. in Business Administration from Bernard Baruch College.

After working in banking for several years, I moved to the southwest Florida Ft. Myers area in 1998. I have a son and a daughter out of the house now that graduated from southwest Florida universities.

I believe in the southwest Florida lifestyle — the healthiness, the relaxed attitude and the inner peace that is possible when the sun bathes your world and the tranquility of the beach is pervasive.

Today, I know southwest Florida’s gated communities, the beaches, and the byways. I think your life should be holistic and where you live should be in harmony with your true values and fit your family needs comfortably and I can help you find that in southwest Florida.

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